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Welcome to Liu's website. This website is dedicated to watermelons. They are delicious and juicy, another yummy fruit are mangos they go very well in fruitsalads along with strawberries, rockmelon and bananas. Here in a link to more information on watermelons. Here is another link to more in,formation on mangoes.

Watermelons come in many different sizes and shapes, one of these shapes are cubes. Although this sounds bizarre it is possible, the practice of growing cube watermelons in quite popular in japan. They come at quite an expensive price so they are mostly used as decor. Mangos are very tropical fruits, they are very juice and are full of flavour. They are grown on trees. There are many different types of cuisines that are able to be made from mangos, such as mango smoothies,mango sorbe and many many others. HERE IS AND AMAZING LINK TO AN AMAZING PERSONS WEBSITE ABOUT MELONNSSSSS.